about medsa group

We innovate.  We build high performance teams.
We focus on ideal customers.  We sell.

MEDSA Group exists to find and commercialise unique ideas and genuine innovations.

Everyone has at least one great idea. But our ability is to turn ideas into reality. To execute.

To do this, we strive to really understand the customer and their needs. Not all customers are the same – we focus on
the “ideal” customers, i.e. the ones we really want to do business with.

And we go get them. Which means selling. Every business needs to sell to grow. We do it really well.

And then we compete on service. We want our customers
to have the best experience from working with us. That’s all
it takes to blow the competition away; to gain share from
industry giants.

To innovate and deliver great service you need a great team. So we hire talented individuals, give them a clear vision, 
empower them, providing feedback and rewards.

Our leaders try to create a company of leaders. Our people are highly engaged.





Maxstim is a unique plant biostimulant designed to help grow stronger, healthier plants. Increased plant health, helps crops resist biotic and abiotic stress. It is used by customers all over the world to improve sport surfaces
and to increase crop yields.



We make car cleaning products for people who don’t like cleaning their car. Which is the vast majority of drivers. Our aim is to make a “chore a pleasure” and we must be doing something right because we’re one the fastest growing car care brands in the UK.



DTR Medical is committed to reduce hospital acquired infection, we do this by providing high quality single-use, sterile and disposable surgical devices.  Our products are used by Theatres, Clinics and Primary Care experts
all over the world.


Richard Salvage speaking at The Royal Institution.

Richard Salvage speaking at The Royal Institution.

The brains behind the business

Recently described as ‘one of the most inspirational and accomplished but least celebrated business leaders in the UK today’, Richard has been awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Cranfield University School of Management. Click on the button below to find out why.