Maxstim is a unique plant biostimulant designed to help grow stronger, healthier plants. It is used by customers all over the world to improve sport surfaces and to increase the quantity and quality of crop yields.

Maxstim is very different from what is commercially available. It is a biostimulant not a fertiliser or a crop protection product. It contains only naturally occurring ingredients that pose no threats to human health and leave no residual build up in the soil or plant. It is designed to support and stimulate plant health, increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic attack, thus increasing yield, improving appearance and enhancing the overall plant.

Our products are manufactured in UK and the R&D team includes academic and professional scientists and agronomists with worldwide renown.  

Maxstim is being used by some of the most prestigious sports venues in the world. If you watch top flight football, rugby, horse racing and golf on TV, then you will have seen a sports surface that we have helped to create.

Farmers and growers of all sorts of crops are using Maxstim to increase the quality and quantity of their yields; increase hardiness; reduce wastage and save money on nutrients and other chemical inputs. Put simply, we help farmers to create more profit.


Greased lightning

At Greased Lightning, we believe that cleaning your vehicle shouldn’t be difficult.

Shampoo, pressure washers, wax on, wax off, water and mess everywhere – that’s too much hassle for us.

Yes, we love our cars but we’re not into spending all day on Sunday “detailing our cars.” We’ve got kids, pets, hobbies … things we’d rather be doing instead of cleaning our cars.

There are plenty of great British brands that make products that cater for the car cleaning enthusiasts.

But, we’d rather make products for people like us - people that want to look after their car but don’t want to spend hours and hours doing it.

So that’s what we do - we try to make products that are quick and easy to use, give great results and are different from those typically found in the shops.

We’re all busy, just like you. So we want maximum results for minimum effort.

Our aim is to make a “chore a pleasure.”

And it’s working:

  • we’re one of the fastest growing car care brands in the UK;
  • we’ve sold over one million litres of products in the UK in the last few years
  • we’re listed in over 1,000 retail outlets in the UK
  • we’ve over 1,700 independent 5 star reviews and over 20,000 followers on Facebook.


DTR Medical

DTR Medical provides medical professionals with high quality single-use, sterile and disposable surgical instruments. We have a range of single-use solutions to cover most surgical and healthcare specialities and our products are used by Theatres, Clinics and Primary Care experts all over the world.

Single-use surgical instruments allow users to save considerable time, money and hassle when compared to reusing traditional medical devices which need to be cleaned, stored, counted, checked, and repaired.

Single use instruments can also save lives. Simply put, would you want someone else’s human remains inside your body? Extreme as it sounds, there are some things which chemical or cleaning methods may not be able to completely remove. Abnormal proteins associated with rare prion diseases, such as vCJD, are not living organisms and are resistant to all conventional methods of decontamination. This means that when difficult to clean instruments are reused, proteins can potentially pass on to the patient and have adverse effects.

So using DTR’s products provides confidence that all is being done to minimise the risk of infection to staff and patients. By disposing of an instrument after one use, many instances of infection are prevented, thereby minimising NHS costs, potential litigation and mortality rates.

All of DTR’s instruments are high quality and meet the standards of reusable instruments. They are particularly suitable for use in high risk procedures.  Every product in our range is the result of meeting a customer’s unmet need.

We have two ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanrooms along with an experienced production and quality team. The high levels of accreditation we have achieved, ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2012 and the capability to meet the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, creates the opportunity for us to undertake contract manufacture for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

DTR Medical have won MediWales ‘Outstanding Growth Award’ twice, as well as the 'Export Achievement Award' for our work exporting to 25 countries.